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Allen Scythe Parts

New pawl springs

2.00 (part number 550)

Petrol pipe, 3/16" Bore x 7/16" O-D, or 1/4" bore x 1/2" O-D
Black neoprene smooth outer finish fuel pipe

1.95 Per 1/2 mtr

New clutch lever springs

2.00 (part number 512)

Villiers MK25c (& 24C)
Cowl fixing bolt & washer set


New Villiers air filter badges
1,5/8 across


Allen scythe cutter sections, NOW IN STOCK,
2.10p each, or a full set of 12 for a 3ft bar 24

Allen Scythe cutter bars NEW, ready built bars as shown in pic 49.00
middle 2 sections left unfitted for customer to transfer there
DRIVE LUG from old bar to new one, OR steel bar+12 loose sections+24
rivets 39.00, UK postage 6.00 2 to 3 day service?, OR next day 11.50
UK islands and Northern ireland may cost more?, submit postcode for quote
Over seas buyers contact us for a shipping quote
The steel bars are 3ft long, 7/8" wide, 3/16" thick
please check this matches your old one before ordering, (allow for wear n tear?)

Villiers 2 stroke Instruction plate, Found on lots of the older 2 stroke engines
2",13/16th W x 1",3/16 H, (72mm x 31mm)


EP140 oil 8.00 per 1 litre bottle

SAE30 oil 8.50 per 1 litre bottle

Vintage 2 Stroke oil 8.50 per 1 litre bottle

  25C Pull Start Bolts 3.75 a Pair  

  Knobley tyres available 32 each + Carriage  

NEW allen scythe PAD bolts
Made using original WHITWORTH thread
One bolt, nut & washer


NEW allen scythe FINGER fixing bolts
Made using original WHITWORTH thread
One bolt, nut & washer


Good Selection
of used fingers

Some Now in Stock

Villiers MK25c, MK24c, MK10, MK12, MK15, 3G, 4G, cooling fan rings
(3 and 4 hole fix)
It is important these are intact, Broken fins means less engine cooling and a real risk of engine seizure


Allen Scythe Throttle Cable, Std 54" length
(can supply longer if required)
Now comes with a brass adjuster which will not rust unlike the old steel ones, Also a bright silver plated support spring as per originals


Allen scythe machine manual
Model F


HT lead with rubber waterproof cap 15.49
Without plug cap 12.85
Rubber plug cap only 2.50
Allen scythe machine manual
Model TS


Cutter Section Rivets

45 pence each

HT Lead Securing Clip part # M1662E
Specially Useful on 24C & 25C Engines
Can be used on other motors too
Stops Lead Touching Exhaust

85p each

New Tyres For Allens 32 Each

6.50 Each

New 2 Stroke Exhausts, Fits 1 3/8" Dia Stub, Body is 8 1/2" Long
3 1/2" Diameter (Fixing Clamp Not Included)

These Also fit those allens with 4 stroke engines
from the engine port there should be a right angle part with a vertical stub
If so these were fiixed on top of that stub


Exhaust clamp for above


New MK25, 4 stroke pull start pieces, 3 hole fix


Villiers MK25c 2 Stroke Engine Ignition Kit 75.00
(Also Suitable for the Mk20 and Mk25 4 Strokes)
Other Ignition Kits in Stock
Contact Us For A Quote

Allen Scythe with Villiers Mk20 or
Mk25 Side Valve 4 Stroke

Allen Scythe
Model TS

Allen Scythe
Model F

Allen Scythe with Villiers Mk15
OHV Engine 4 Stroke

Allen Scythe with Villiers Mk25c
Engine 2 Stroke

Allen Scythe with Villiers 11c
Engine 2 Stroke

Allen scythe with villiers F15 engine fitted, very few of these about, not to mixed up with the earlier MARK 15 which is an over head valve motor, this one is side valve and a very different design

Villiers MK25c, and 24c Rod kit, All new parts

(For all rod kits quote part number marked on old con rod)

Villiers MK25c, and MK24c Engine gasket set


New Felt Sealing Washer
Fits Engine to Allen Gearbox
Not Suitable for 11c engine


25c Engine Parts List & Diagrams.
3 if ordered with other parts

4 on its own

Allen Cutter Leaflet, 2xA4 Pages Folded
Diagrams & Part# For Std, Heavy Duty, & Fine Cutters