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Stationary engine exhaust/muffler pot
3"7/16 deep x 3"7/8 wide, stub fit 1"1/8


Villiers pepper pot exhaust--silencer--muffler--, bent neck type, Remade to exact spec as per originals
guaranteed life well in excess of 40 years

26 Code EM327

(can be supplied sprayed in high temp black paint if required?, For this add 1.75)

New 2 Stroke Exhausts, Fits 1 3/8" Dia Stub, Body is 8 3/4" Long, 3 3/4" Diameter (Fixing Clamp Not Included)


1/2" BSP Threaded End Silencer, Found On Some Briggs & Stratton Motors
Can be Used on Others by Using a Flange Adaptor


2 Stroke Exhausts

Later C12, L/W Range Exhaust etc

Long Neck Pepper Pot Type
Chrome Exhaust Clamps
Various Sizes 4.95
J.A.P silencers
most styles available
Villiers silencers
most styles available
Out of Stock


New Can Shape, EyeLid Front Exhausts
F15 & Others


Villiers 9D exhuast locking ring 15.00
copper sealing ring 2

New Exhaust Locking Rings