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This page is here to assist you with the identification of your engines. When asking about spares the first thing you need to do is to ID your motor. This helps enormously when ordering spares, the pictures show a good range of the most common motors, there are a few not featured here, it would be near impossible to show all the bike ones as there are roughly about 150 different models

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C25 Side Valve 4 Stroke, Same design as Mk25 & Mk20,
Carbs used: V Type & Zenith 24T2, Lots of uses
34cc 2 Stroke J.A.P, Lots of these around, mainly used on mowers, Carb used: Amal, There are lots of variations in these
Sloper Engine or F12, Lots of these still in use, mainly on mowers. Carbs Used: Amal & B10
A 4/444 H2, A Villiers J.A.P cross breed, A real monster, Fitted to factory trucks and others, Carb used: BV1320, External magneto
Early Marvil 2 Stroke, Lots of variation on these old motors
Mk10 Side Valve 4 Stroke. Carbs Used:V Type or B10, There are some physical variations in these
Mk7 Side Valve 4 Stroke, Carb B10, There is also the Mk7/1 with cowl on the opposite side
Mk15 OHV Motor, 4 Stroke, 2 different types of IGN system used, Most common carb fitted was B10 or V Type
Diesel Engine, Not too many of these have survived
F15 Side Valve 4 Stroke, B10 Carb, Used on mixers, generators and others
J.A.P 4 Stroke Side Valve, External Mag, Model 4/2 or 4/3, Used Zenith 24T2 or Amal, The military had loads of these
Torque Major, Made at Ballarat Australia, This one on an outboard motor
Lots of these in Australia on mowers
MK40 side valve 4 stroke, Carbs used V type and Zenith 24T2
398cc Used on Rotovators, Factory Trucks, Compressors etc, What a beast.
MK1 midget 79cc, 2 stroke
MK2 and MK3 midget 98cc, 2 stroke, barrell number B6698
25A 2 Stroke front part of 2 man chainsaw
One of the lightweight range, all alloy. There are 4 variations in cc: 50, 75, 125 and 150
28B 2 stroke front part of 2 man chain saw
MK25C 2 stroke on one man chain saw

A superb mk12/2 fitted on Howard 200, Engine parts supplied by us, Pictures Courtesy of Gareth Peacock, Hereford

George Fowler Dumper

Fitted with a Mk40,
Restored By,,
Engine Parts Supplied by us

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We are missing some pictures of other models such as C28, C30 and others. If you have any good quality pictures of any missing motor please get in touch. Remember all of the above is here to assist you identify your engine