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Services Available

Carburettor and ignition reconditioning

Villiers junior carb aka as a type 6/0 (marked V508 or V508/1), Returned to as near new condition, New parts allways fitted include, fuel inlet needle, press in needle seat, washers, slide chamber top, top fixing ring, body fixing clamp, screw for clamp, float, float bowl, float bowl nut, And if needed?, mixture needle and spring, Recon carbs are exchange units at 39.90 each, No exchange unit?, straight sale 55.00, this service is available for any villiers carb and some other types

Solex 26FV carb, full recon by us

Seagull Outboard, Mk1 Ignition System

Complete overhaul & renewal for a set price of 95.00, Includes, strip down, Vapour blast cleaning, fitting new coil, points, condenser, washers, nuts, screws, etc, Price includes UK p&p, Exchange units only, Postage for anyone outside UK will be added at cost, OR any part supplied separately

We can offer a full Carb Recon Service, Strip down, Vapour blast cleaning, New Seals and parts fitted at cost

From 15 Lab and parts



Villiers magnetos cleaned and serviced. Complete strip down, fault diagnosis, new parts fitted then tested before return to customer. Examples above.

15.00 Labour fee for above work

Please use the contact form above for all parts enquiries.

Bike magnetos serviced and brought back to "as new" condition

Villiers early type pre WWII carb, Complete recon by us to as NEW condition

Villiers midget carb before and after complete recon
Exchange item 37.50, Straight sale 45,
Please state inlet stub fitment size

Villiers S22 carb, fully reconditioned
fitted with new air cleaner and fuel inlet boss fittings for illustration purposes only
they are not included in any carb price

Villiers early midget carb

39.50 exchange

Villiers magneto early type, complete rebuild by us, Strip down, blast clean, fit new components, renew screws/nuts/washers/clips

120 for this one, Guaranteed for a long service life