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Wipac and Wico Spares

All our Wipac coils and condensors are NEW items, They are NOT old stock
Beware of buying so called bargains which are old stock, these degrade over time in storage and go BAD

All ignition units shown on lower half of this page are recon -Exchange- Old units must be sent 1st before any recons are sent out

Seagull outboard electronic ignition parts, MK3 Wipac system, coil 29.00, trigger unit 23.00,
brand new items, we do not sell old used ones which would be risky & unreliable

BSA bantam ignition coil


BSA bantam Wipac ignition kit


BSA Bantam, D10, D14, B175, Points
will also fit AMC engines 15T, 17T, 20T & 25T

Wipac #, S3908, Beware similar looking points will have different heel angles ?
Purchase these with confidence these are right

We now have access to and can help with a lot of Wipac spares.


Wipac distributor cap, twin outlet, part number S1838


Wipac distributor cap unit SO535, New 95.00, recon 70.00 Either are strickly exchange units
Some 4 outlet units also available, but very limited stock

New lucas RS1 point cover retaining arms


Lucas RS1 point covers, Solid brass
Also available now bright silver plated


HT lead rubber boots for 7mm lead
Original wipac make, part # S2641


New S2202 HT Coil, fits CJ model magneto, (the type with the domed aluminium end cover held with 2 screws)

Wipac S4913 / 4390 coil-condensor unit combined 45.00
fits 9mm square laminate
Fits some F12, F15 units, Some suffolks, and some others?
HT lead not included, add 1.00 for 1/2 mtre of 5mm lead

New Points Sets S2204
These fit CJ type magneto
Wipac CJ magneto condensor renewed

9.90 exchange

Wipac bantamag condensor new

11.00 Exchange item

New S2555 Condensor
these replace the old brass typeOld Wico part no X1413

Wipac fuel tap assemblies, We now have stock of recon taps
with new parts fitted
Service exchange 25.00, No exchange add 5.00
Most parts available seperatly
fuel pipe end parts (nut n tail) 1.99

New S1756 Points
Old Wico part no X1408

Wipac Filter Tap/Assembly Repair Kit

Wipac type A new coil cover screws
4.99 for a set of 4, (New set of 8 washers included, 4 leather & 4 steel)

New Wipac Type A Points Cover Clips

8.95 Per Pair

Wipac Series A Type Coil

Wipac A coil cover gasket, & point cover gasket
99p each

New Wipac Wico Type A Points Cover Part Number 2074

Wipac points bantamag, cyclemaster, cycle aid

Wipac Stator 1263 Condensor
34CC JAP, Series 90, Newly Remade, PART# 06483

11.00 Exchange part

HT terminal end cover nut, part #16-463

New Wipac (S5725) Electronic Units , villiers/bsa F12 Sloper , A15 villiers (41401), suffolk, Atco,L21876)
Seagull Outboard Mk4 System (can replace mk 3 with flywheel change)


Wipac SO551 coil 45, fits 9mm square laminate, supersedes villiers 25055 coil
Fits early F12, F15 units, Wipac series 90 & 90a, and some jap engine ign units,older suffolks, Phelon units, and some others?
HT lead not included, add 1.00 for 1/2 mtre of 5mm lead

Suffolk, Atco, Qualcast Ignition Coil unit, Wipac number S5830
Fits Atco, Qualcast, Suffolk Punch, Colt & Webb Mowers which were fitted with the later modern 98cc and 114cc Black Aluminium Engine
This is the "3 Pole" unit which is not interchangable with the earlier "2 Pole" units see pic far left


Wipac Points Set S3910 SO577


Type A Impulse Start Spring S2515


Rotor Arm S1724


Wipac Bantamag coil, Series FW1258

49.99 exchange

JAP 2A, 2S, Model 3, Some old outboard motors with Wipac ign
Also some very early suffolk engines


Wipac Plug Cap, Takes 5mm HT Lead


Wipac Resistor Plug Lead Spade End
Part #30542


Wipac Plug Cap plus 1/2 Metre 5mm HT Lead


Wipac Series 90a Magneto
Complete Refurb by us complete strip down & clean
fit new coil, points, condenser, HT lead, 69.90
Light coil if req 20.00, Series 90 very similar just the back plate is wider
All parts available separately for either unit
Wipac Series 161 Magneto Unit
Complete Refurb by Us
Wipac condensor replaces S1550
found on FW1269 units
and Series 150


Brock House Corgi, AMC, BSA Bantam Geni mag, Indian papoose generator, full recon by us, strip vapour blast clean, Renew all new ign parts & wiring, total 85.00
Does not include if required - New points covers for these now available 6.95 , Light coil pair 35,00, HT pick up bush 5.25, Rubber boot for HT pick up bush, 2.00

Wipac S55 generator unit, Brock House Corgi, AMC, BSA Bantam etc, Full recon by us, strip vapour blast clean, all new ign parts & wiring, 85.00

New light coils, centre bush, HT lead outlet rubber, fitted at extra cost, Light coil prices shown below, new centre bush, 4.45, New HT lead outlet grommet 5.95, S55 generator cover screws pair 1.95

BSA bantam new light & charge coils, 2 cluster group of light coils 35, 3 cluster group of 2 light coils & 1 charging coil 39.95

JAP 2A, 2S, Model 3, Complete ign stator unit 79.95 exchange,(Inc HT lead and Wipac plug cap) completely stripped blast cleaned fitted with all NEW parts, Coil GARANTEED life 50 +years, Or any part sold seperate, SO447 coil 57.50, will fit on 15mm square lamanate, And the rounded lamanate, points 14.00, Condensor 9.49, spec# for these units is, FW1180, FW880 & FW1267

Suffolk ign unit, early type 75.00 exchange or any part seperate: coil 57.50, points 14.00, condensor 9.00

Early suffolk ign unit complete 59.00 exchange, or coil/condensor unit 45.00, points 12.50

Wipac S1154 unit, Fitted to some jap 80 motors type 2, FW1269, 68.00 complete exchange unit, OR coil 49.90, points 11.00, condensor 9.49

Wipac 141 series ignition unit, Found on, James 150 Flying Cadet, Francis-Barnett 150 Plover 86
full ignition recon, strip down, clean, rewire, fit new parts= 90,00, (price does not include fitment of new light coils, These would come at extra cost 35 the pair) Exchange units, Or send yours for inspection, (these are a very time consuming job) Also any part available separately coil 45, points 12.50, condenser 9.49

Wipac TWIN HT lead ignition coil, sizes, 2,1/4" x 2" O-D, x 1/14" thick
Square hole 11/16" x 11/16"
Britannia outboard twin cylinder Wipac spec FW1129